Required Book:

  • Getting Started with Processing - Totally awesome book. This really is a must have for someone who wants to learn Processing but has little to no programming experience. Plus it costs less than $20.

Recommended Books:

  • Getting Started with Arduino - The first edition of this one is available for free, but the newest edition offers more and isn't that expensive.
  • Arduino Programming Notebook - Download the free pdf of this and print it out. Trust me you'll need it at some point.
  • Programming Interactivity - This is a great book that includes Arduino and Processing code as well as OpenFrameworks (C++).
  • Physical Computing - This is an older book so in many cases there may be better ways to specifically implement the ideas, but the ideas and approach to physical interaction with computers is still great.
  • Make: Electronics - This one has nothing to do with computers, microcontrollers, or programming. It is a great introduction to electrical components and circuitry.