Unit 9 - Animation in Processing

We're putting down the Arduinos for this unit and diving right back into Processing. In this unit we'll be learning how to have the computer animate for us. In the past all the motion we've seen was controlled directly by the user.
  1. Watch this video. Play with the code ideas presented here.
    • Assignment 9.1 - Replace the ball with your Robot. Be sure that the entire robot stays on the screen the whole time while it's bouncing about.
  2. Read and try all code examples in Chapter 7 of Getting Started with Processing.
    • Assignment 9.2 - Take your Robot and modify it so it's head bobbles back and forth. Must use translate() and rotate().
  3. Lets Play a Game - Falldown written in Processing
  4. Assignment 9.4 - Create an intro-animation for my video lectures
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