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Photoresistors and Analog Read

Time to let your projects see! We're adding in light sensors in the form of photoresistors. Photoresistors are variable resistors whose resistance changes with light level. Pretty cool, eh? Construct the circuit below and then load up the Simple Analog Read code and see what happens.

You should notice the numbers don't vary all the way from zero to 1023. You'll also find that covering the photoresistor with your whole hand is much more effective than trying to cover it with only a single finger. As always, be careful of short circuits. It is very easy to inadvertently let two wires touch each other and cause your USB port to turn off. Recall that you may need to restart your computer to bring back the USB to life.

Assignment 8.3 - Write a sketch to move your Robot around the screen based on the motion of your hand above your breadboard.