Unit 6 - Controlling the Physical World: Processing and Blink

Ok, so now we finally get to Physical Computing. We'll be controlling things in the real world with processing sketches. This assumes you've installed the Arduino library in Processing and uploaded Standard Firmata to your Arduino board.
  • Basic Blink - Have Processing blink the LED built into your Arduino board. Work through this material and play with changing the flash rate.
  • User Input and Blink - Control the LED directly with user inputs. Try the Code and do the assignments. Post your code to your blog, of course. 
  • Introduction to Electricity - Read all the text and watch all the videos! If you've taken electronics then just skim quickly through this, but do review it, and watch the video at the end of the page!
  • More Fun with Blink - In this lesson we add some of the LEDs from your kit of parts!
  • Lets play a game - Here's a simple game I made. Check it out and modify it!