Unit 4 - User Input in Processing

Chapter 5 of Getting Started with Processing has a lot of stuff in it. This one is pretty important so you should spend some time working through it in detail. As usual you should type in the sketches listed in the book and play with them a bit. Change things and see what happens.
  1. Functions - We've been using functions, but we haven't really defined them yet. In this lesson we'll also learn about two functions that exist in most processing sketches.
  2. The Mouse - Finally we get into our first user computer interaction! In this unit you'll take your first foray into using the mouse to draw pictures.
  3. Mouse Buttons - The mouse is cool and all, but becomes much more useful when you can use the buttons!
  4. Keyboard Control - Time to use all those keys in front of you. (are we done with this chapter yet???)