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Unit 12

  1. Final Project
    • All projects must be pitched to the class for input
    • All class members must comment on other project ideas
    • All project ideas must be approved by me and must include interaction of the physical world and a computer (i.e. use both Arduino and Processing)
    • Ideally you will use a novel application of something we've done or create a new application by combining several things we've done previously.
    • Final projects will be published to the internet on a page viewable by the public.

  2. You will create a webpage using Google Sites to present your final project. Your page must include:
      • Your name and the name of your project - If your parents have a problem with your name appearing on the internet please have them contact me directly.
      • Brief description of your project - This should be easily pulled from your proposal.
      • Detailed description of how both the Arduino and Processing programs work
      • Pictures of your device
      • ExtraCredit - Short video of your device working and you explaining the operation of the device (post to YouTube or Google Video)
      • Circuit diagram or Fritzing Picture
      • The complete code of your Processing program (which must, of course, include comments)
      • Description of problems encountered and how they were overcome
      • Description of what you'd like to add if you had more time/money

  3. You will continue to create log posts every day as you work on your project! Being sure to include pictures!
  4. You will have to also bring in your stuff and show off your final project to me in person. We will also have a conversation about the course material with a special focus on your project as an oral exam. This project is your final exam for the class.

    Note: I trimmed the content a little. If you're interested in doing projects related to exporting data to files, sending or receiving data from Twitter, creating a knock sensor, or playing with the thermistor just let me know.