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Read through Chapter 6 of Getting Started with Processing and work all the code examples. This chapter includes an introduction to PImage and PFont. You can get a basic idea of how to use both from the book, but you'll learn a lot more by delving into the pages for both in the Processing Reference.

For example, a quick read of PImage shows the functions I used in my video above:
But also shows some other cool stuff as well:
  • imageMode() - This should be pretty familiar. Very similar to rectMode() which you've used before.
  • background() - Wait, this isn't new. Or is it... You can do background(img) and then have a background image!
  • blend() - Lots of possibilities here. Play with it and see what you can do.
Assignment 11.1 - Create a program that applies some filters or blends with images dynamically. That is to say the user controls it. Then add in your Arduino. Have your slide potentiometers and/or push buttons control the program.