Unit 10 - Putting it All together - Arduino Pong

OK, we've done some pretty cool stuff now it's time to put some of the pieces together. In Assignment 8.1 you made a box move up and down with a slide potentiometer and in Unit 9 you made a ball bounce around the screen. well, you can put the two together to make a simple game called Pong. If you have no idea what this is than you should definitely read the description.

The best way to start is to do a piece at a time:
  1. Draw your screen and put two "paddles" on opposite sides that you can control with slide potentiometers. One for each paddle.
  2. Add in a bouncing ball that will bounce off all four sides.
  3. Once it bounces off all four sides, now make it only bounce off the right and left sides if it "hits" a paddle. If you miss just have the ball "re-launch" from the opposite side's paddle.
  4. Next add in the score for each side. 
  5. Add in a way to win and then restart the game
Optional stuff to add once you get it working:
  1. Add in a pushbutton to start and/or reset the game once you win. So, no keyboard or mouse involvement at all!
  2. Increase the difficulty with every volley. Maybe make the ball get faster and/or make it fade into the background.
  3. Change the speed in the up-down direction based upon where on the paddle you hit it. The further from the center the greater the speed. Hit the center dead on and it'll bounce straight out.
  4. Make the whole board slowly spin about a center point.
  5. Some other crazy bit.
Assignment 10 - Make your Pong game and include complete details in your blog. Be sure to blog your progress along the way as well.