Steve Dickie
Divine Child High School
1001 N. Silvery Ln.
Dearborn, MI 48128
Contact Information
Skype: falconphysics
Twitter: @falconphysics

"Office Hours"
Wednesday evenings 6:00pm to 8:00pm unless otherwise noted. Look for me via Skype, email, or Twitter. I will also email you my Google Voice number so you can text and/or call as needed.

I will be unavailable during the day from June 21 - 22nd and The week of August 8th. However, I should be available in the evenings on those days. I will endeavor to answer emails as soon as I get them and will set up virtual meetings as needed, most likely via Skype. Note: I will never be available after 10pm (I'm old and I need me rest). I'll be totally unavailable the weekend of July 4th.

Face to Face Meetings
During June I will be in school and online Mondays and Wednesdays 10:00-12:00, except Wednesday June 22nd. In my room unless otherwise noted. These sessions will be informal to help get you started. They are not required. If you're working with a laptop at home you should bring it. Otherwise you can use computers that are in my room.

During August we will set up times at least once a week that I will be in school to help you finish and/or present your final projects. Some tools will be available, including: basic hand tools, soldering irons, hand drill, dremel.

  • Participation
    • This will account for 10% of your total grade for the "semester"
    • Online Log - Are you posting more than just the Assignments? You should post on all activities. 
    • Answering questions posed by others?
    • Giving feedback to others?
  • Timely Completion of Assignments
    • The date listed for each assignment is the "target date". There will be no penalty for late work, but you should shoot for the targets regardless. Remember, this is a target. Feel free to get them done early.
  • Assignments
    • Different assignments have different point values. This is determined based on the amount of time it is likely to take to complete and how much you must "invent" along the way.
    • You can not complete lessons from a later Unit until all Assignments from the earlier Units are complete! So, make-up your late work first!
    • If it's not posted to your Log and it doesn't include the Assignment number in the Title of the post then it is not done!
  • Quizzes
    • We will be using LON-CAPA to conduct online quizzes.
    • Most quizzes will have a time limit. Quizzes are designed to assess you mastery of content. If you do poorly on any you may talk to me about how to demonstrate mastery at a later time. This may involve a new quiz or the assessment may take another form.
  • Final Project
    • In August you will present your final project to me in person at the school
    • I will give you an oral exam related to material from the course with a special focus on material related directly to your project.
    • This will constitute your Final Exam grade (20% of your course grade)
    • Full details can be found in the final Unit.
  1. At the end of the summer, you will look at the world in a different way. You'll think about the way things work.
  2. You will know whether you're destined for a technical career and have an inkling of whether it will include computer programming, electronics, or engineering.
  3. Very few, if any, of you will wind up being a computer programmer, but most engineers need to do some programming periodically.  Learning to program teaches you a variety of skills beyond making a computer do what you want it to, so even if you never write a line of code again you will still use the skills you learn this summer.
  4. Physical Computing will not teach you how the new gadgets of the twenty-first century will work, because they have not been invented yet!   But it will enable you to understand how they work when you buy one!  You may not invent the next computing interface, but you will use it.
I'm not going to list all the content here, just look in the sidebar. Below is a summary of the broad skills.
  • Basics of electricity and basic electrical components
  • Introduction to programming structure and syntax
  • Introduction to micro-controllers and embedded electronics
Honor Code/Plagiarism
Like all course at Divine Child, this course adheres to the principals of the Divine Child High School honor code. Any cheating on an assignment will result in a zero on that assignment and the second incident of cheating will result in course failure.

Cheating includes passing off someone else's work as your own as well as allowing someone to copy your work with the intent to turn it in! If you get code from anywhere else, be it another student, a book, the internet, space aliens, your dog or where ever, you must cite it! Failure to do so is considered Plagiarism! 

For example, lets say you copy another student's code for an assignment. If you do not cite them as the source of the code then that would be cheating. If you do cite them you'll just get a zero because you didn't do any work, but it would not be Plagiarism and so I wouldn't have to report it to Hermann.