Course Expectations

  • You will complete all the lessons
  • You will have a paper notebook where you take notes while reading, watching videos, and working on assignments
  • You will spend time troubleshooting problems prior to contacting me for help
  • You will complete the Units over the entire time alloted and not try to cram them in the day before the deadline
  • You will spend at least two hours at any given work time. If you break this up into more shorter units of time you will not progress well.
  • You will attend all designated meeting times, whether they are in person or virtual meetings on the internet
  • You will read all assigned reading material, watch all assigned videos and take actual notes on paper for all readings and videos! (There, I've said it twice so you should probably do it!)
  • Every time you write a program you comment your code. If you're code is not commented appropriately you will loose points!

Stuff you need:
  • Computer with internet access
  • An actual notebook.
  • Digital Camera to take pictures of work
  • Computer Microphone - Strongly encouraged, but not required (I will give you a number for my Google Voice and you can leave audio messages there). This will be particularly useful when you're asking questions about why your code doesn't work.
  • Wire cutter/stripper for 22 gauge wire (can be obtained at any hardware store). I'd have put a set in your kit of parts, but you may already have a set.
  • You may want a soldering iron and solder when you get to your final project, but you may not need it. We might also be able to arrange some F2F time at the school to use equipment I have there.

Online Log - 
  • Every time you work on material for this course you must update your log. Updates must include:
    • Time Spent working
    • Tasks completed
    • Problems encountered and any solutions to those problems
  • Logs should also periodically include:
    • Code snipits you've been working on
    • Pictures/Videos of your work, whether on the computer screen or in the physical world
    • As far as I'm concerned if you didn't log it you didn't do it.
  • At the conclusion of a Unit you will have specific requirements for the log post for that day. You must title these Appropriately, something like "Assignment 1.1"