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Unit 01 - Welcome to Physical Computing

  1. Introduction to the Course - Read the Following
    1. Course Syllabus
    2. Course Expectations - Read this page!
    3. What is Physical Computing?
    4. Pages 1-11 in Getting Started with Arduino (pdf)
    5. What are microcontorllers?
    6. What will you need to do to succeed in this course?
  2. Inventory Parts - Follow the link and make sure you have everything in your kit of parts. (note, still waiting on parts 6/14/11)
  3. Login to Class Website
    1. Create Log Page - You will need to post a new log entry every day you work on tasks related to this course. Goto Blogger.com and login with your Divine Child High School email address and password. Create a blog to use with this course. Be sure to send me your link. Once everyone is in you should "Follow" your classmates.
    2. Assignment 1.1 - Take and upload a picture of yourself and your working area to your log
    3. Assignment 1.2 - Over the next two days keep your eye out for every sensor you can find. Create a list of as many as you can and post pictures (or video) of the three most surprising/interesting ones you've seen.
    4. Download and Install the free version of Jing. This will allow you to easily take screen shots and videos of everything on your screen so that you can share your work with me. You can also use it to capture your problems so that I can help you troubleshoot them. Note: If you have a different program for doing this you don't have to use Jing. I just like Jing because it's both free and easy.

Steve Dickie,
Apr 18, 2011, 6:40 AM