Pre-Engineering: Physical Computing is an online course offered by Divine Child High School in Dearborn, Michigan. All material herein is open to the public, but my ability to answer questions or give support to individuals not taking my class may be limited. There is no one text book for this course. We will rely on Getting Started with Processing quite a bit and I do recommend a few books for people who want to learn more beyond the material I present here.

In the Course Units you will find lessons I've created and links to lesson others have created. It is my goal to allow you to learn from the best people out there, the real experts. You will also find short instructional videos with most units. These videos can be thought of as the "lectures" for the course. For the most part, these lectures are there to help support you and are not the primary means by which you will learn while taking this course. You will learn by exploring and experimenting. Rather than relying on me to answer your questions you should play around a little. Try it, see what happens, then if you're still not sure how/why it works you can ask a question.

Course Content:

  • Unit 1 - Welcome to Physical Computing
  • Unit 2 - Introduction to Processing: Learning to Draw
  • Unit 3 - Introduction to Processing: Variables and Math
  • Unit 4 - Introduction to Processing: User Input
  • Unit 5 - Arduino and Processing: Install Firmata
  • Unit 6 - Controlling the Physical World: Processing and Blink
  • Unit 7 - Responding to the World: Processing and Digital Read
  • Unit 8 - We're living in a analog world: Analog to Digital converter
  • Unit 9 - Intermediate Processing: Animation
  • Unit 10 - Put it all together
  • Unit 11 - Media: Images and Sound
  • Unit 12¬†- Final Project